Road warrior mode

Just before school is out, vacation is looming – a lot of us in hospitality can find it hard to be, well, hospitable. We need a break, a little bit of a reminder of why we do what we do. 

I won’t lie, one of my favorite things is scheduling upcoming off times, whether it is a day or a whole week. This year, the end of May means Carb Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Mid-June means a very long weekend at a Michigan rental lakehouse. And end of July – a delayed honeymoon in San Juan. With that kind of plan, I should stay motivated. 

My recent road trips for work have also helped any restlessness. Always great to reconnect with the operational experts at each hotel to assess what has been working and what is next. Dayton OH was about welcoming a new account. Louisville KY was about welcoming back a GM, a completed renovation at one property and a much improved management and team at another. South Bend and Fort Wayne were all about tweaking the Sales efforts of an already strong team. Each location and hotel has an ongoing changing plan. Don’t we all? So, what is next? Finishing a long awaited writing project, keeping the sales effort on target thru the summer, and … well, I will keep you posted.

I did take the time to relax and have a good meal or two as well. Loved the craft beer selections on tap and the bacon jam at the Rocky River Tap & Table in South Bend. Pic 3

Also a quick stop at the Schnabeltier cheese and winery was well worth it. Pic 2

And we added a relaxation spot at home as well. Pic 1

Keep traveling y’all!


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