Summer travels 2017

It has been awhile, and I apologize. No wait – what I mean is “Sorry, not sorry”. Our summer as a blended family meant juggling a lot of things. Our oldest had to juggle odd jobs, summer online classes and vacation with her dad to Colorado. We also saw her make the transition to her junior year at ISU, and apartment life. Real job, real bills, and balancing school – it just got very real.

Our younger ones venturing into teenage years – had time on the family farm in TN, church camp and a long weekend with us on the shores of Lake Michigan. They are closing in on the start of 6th and 8th grade. Pray for us, lol.

We finally had our delayed honeymoon in San Juan, at the glorious El Conquistador Resort. The hubby’s Hilton discount and Hilton Honor perks really helped the cost become a non issue and we relaxed. And dined well. And rode horses on the beach. And took a ferry boat ride each day to the resort’s private beach. It was amazing. A great start to the annual honeymoons we plan to have in different locations. We enjoyed the hospitality, which means we should be better at providing it. Ah, there it is- my point:

To be good parents, take breaks and take care of each other. Your kids will be fine maybe even happy, well adjusted adults one day. And you will keep your sanity.

To be good, even great in your hospitality career – take breaks and let hospitality take care of you. How do you know what it really is unless you experience it? Use your vacation time, fight for it. And you will keep your sanity and your passion for your career.

From the island of sanity,


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