That gut feeling

We in the business world have a long list of “tools” we use to analyze day to day our decisions. In hotels, if you have a Rev Manager, Rev Max Manager or even Revenue Optimization Specialist – then you know exactly what I am talking about. These data crunchers, analytical thinkers who never seem to tire of pulling up a report or reports – are there to tell you if the business you are pursuing is worth the rooms, the rate and the timing. How much, how many, when and what rate? Those in sales, live and breathe these questions.

For those not in the hotel world, this can be a harsh black and white view of hospitality. You just wanted a relaxing vacation, family reunion, wedding weekend or even a corporate meeting to launch your new business etc. Bet you thought it was all about you.

And it is. But it is also about the budget the hotel has to meet that month, and the pace of business over the dates you wanted. And about the staffing, and the events in that city that you are not interested in but will affect your price quote all the same. Almost takes the fun out of it, eh?

But there are a lot of sales and revenue professionals that merge this well with amazing customer service. And you will know the difference when you encounter them. These folks still use their gut when making some decisions. After all, who were the first hotel sales ppl to work with Apple, Amazon, Microsoft etc? Did they use a formula to decide if they should work with them? Or did they just give them great service and from that – build great loyalty?

Speaking of gut feelings and great service, my husband and I were attempting to book our annual stress free, no kids, beach vacation. We like to try someplace new each year but the wanted amenities are the same – hotel or resort on the beach, golf course, casino, great places to dine and all walkable if possible. The goal is to relax and not do much else.

We considered our brand discount employee rates, and also shopped for flight and hotel packages. We decided on a coastal destination that has all we wanted. Looked online but still had questions, so we called the resort. Our question was simple, as a large casino resort – do they have a shuttle from the airport? Call center time. Simple, right?

Wrong. We were asked if we have a players card. No. Can we still have a shuttle ride, is there a cost? Got tranferred to security, who handles the shuttle. Again – asked do we have a players card? No, we just need to know if they have a shuttle that we can take from the airport? First time being there – we just like to get the basic info.

Transferred to front desk and told we would need to talk to our casino host. What? We don’t need a casino host as big high rollers , we are not.

All the same- that is who we had to talk to. In this whole experience, not one person spoke clearly or professionally. And we never got a clear answer on being able to get a shuttle from airport or the cost. We cancelled, my gut said to.

Then before the joy of planning our stress free vacation was ruined, we booked another resort online, booked our flights online and decided to Uber from airport. I did not want the experience of talking with another call service professional.

Hmmm, what does this say? The people who answer your phones are the first contact. How good are they? How often do you call and test them?

Let’s keep the hospitable feelings in hospitality, shall we?

Travel well and prosper,



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