Motivation or lack of?

I have a few or more years of traveling and working with different General Managers and Sales people over the years. A lot of different personalities but one common nemesis at times.

What is my motivation? Maybe a promotion was denied, a large client lost, or gasp, no bonus for the last month, quarter or dbl gasp, year. Could also be that there does not seem to be a next step for the career, so you are not sure what you are working for.

Honestly, this can stop the most amazing associate in their tracks. I have been told that I am very self aware, as I recognize my shortcomings and work on overcoming them quickly. I would tell you I don’t do it quickly enough, or that my solutions are not as permanent as I would like. But, I am human. And as a human, my motivation changes – even daily. From the basic paycheck & benefits motivation all the way to I AM GOING TO CHANGE HOSPITALITY FOR THE BETTER AND AFTER THAT, THE WORLD!!!

Laugh if you want but sometimes we have those days where we get the big deal, get a meeting with the right client or win the big contest. And that day is soooooo good. Then you wake up the next day – and wonder, how will I match or exceed that today? And then you pull the covers over your head, scream – and get over it. After all, there is coffee and you need your job to buy it.

So, there is your motivation.

Now go change the world or at least make the coffee.


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