A year to remember

Ah, yes – you almost escaped my one year anniversary post. And I am late, I will give you that. In the midst of the chaos of balancing our careers, home, our 3 pre-teens, time with our college students and vet visits for our dogs – we got away to celebrate our 1st yr of wedded bliss. Okay – really we went away to be able to take naps, in between whooping it up in Louisville and remembering how fun we can be.

And we are so much fun! When you take away the daily “have to’s” of life. We stayed at the same B&B where we got married, DuPont Mansion in historic Louisville. Louisville is one of my favorite places, you can go several times and not go to the same places twice. We did both, mixing our favorites from last year with a few new places. And we did nap, the beds were so comfortable and no kids or dogs to wake us up. We enjoyed the music, and food at Fourth Street Live, the casino at New Albany, visited Churchill Downs for the first time and dreamed of having our own B&B someday.

And we reflected on the challenges over the last year. It is the same at home and at work – there are things that work and what doesn’t work, you adjust. He transitioned from a midscale brand general manager to full service while getting the right people in the right places, while I had some very real budget challenges and changes to face in my region. We had days that we questioned what we were doing and then gave each the confirmation to keep going. Sometimes we had times where balancing our jobs and the kids school events took a lot of effort and we still weren’t “SuperParents”. We adjusted some rules at home to reflect the kids getting older and needing some space to make their own decisions.

We strive for a better balance every day, keeping our focus on professional goals while maintaining a more peaceful home to come home to. And we planned for this summer…

Safe travels,


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