Why teamwork is important

No one succeeds alone. Let me repeat that – No One Succeeds Alone. Whether it is your team at home or at work – you don’t really succeed all by yourself. In my younger years , I may not have recognized enough the importance of being one part of a strong team.

Let me now say – it is everything. If you have ever experienced the lack of teamwork, then you know what I mean. As an individual, you know you can do so much – which includes putting your family last, working late, giving every last ounce of your “good energy” to your job. And you can still be “thrown under the bus” by a colleague or colleagues that need to put the blame somewhere.

It’s not personal, it’s business. And I have heard that before – but when you are on the recieving end, it is very personal. When you take your work life personally, it hurts. But when you succeed as a team, it is equally as awesome. Where is the balance?

The team is your balance. Win or lose, you do it together. It’s called trust, responsibility and not passing the buck. Learn this young, and you may have a future that is full of people that will work with you, for you and refer other potential rock stars to you.

Take too long, and you play defense forever. Your latest win, your most recent team – is all you take to the bank. In hospitality, that is dangerous. I have the utmost respect for those that I have worked with and for– and would again. That is rare, but I know I am lucky that there are a few of those in my past. And in my future. Most of those folks are from my early years. They took the time to listen to my ideas while teaching me from their experiences. That is my bank, my future.

Which makes it very personal. Who is in your bank?


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